Why I Bought a Robot Vacuum at Home

Last week, I bought a robot vacuum at home. However, right in the moment I moved the robot vacuum to my house, I ran into an old friend who later asked me why I bought this little machine. At first I was going to refuse to answer such stupid and meaningless question, but I realized that I has nothing to do after going, so I decided to stay at roadside and explained to him the reason I bought the robot vacuum. He showed a great interest and took me to sit down at a seat located in a public park.

Frankly speaking, I really had no idea where should I start to explain to him for that I was not very good at such things. However, after thinking of few minutes, I organized my words and began my show time. Actually, my showing could be divided into the several parts as follows.

First, I believed the robot vacuum is so convenient. Because not just me, but also my wife was always busy in work and extra work, we really had no time to deal with the house which had been trapped in a mess. So in the name of my wife, I asked the robot vacuum to live in my home for a long time. Thus, we could save a lot of time when going home and enjoy our after-work life together. Second, it is very cheap. Of course, when you see its price only, you will find the price is not very low. But why I said it is cheap? It is because we judge the value of an object is not on its price, but whether or not it is deserving. And we think it is deserving, so we think it is not expensive.

Last but not at least, the reason I bought this robot vacuums is just out of a kind of psychology. That is, most Chinese people had a psychology of following others. So do I. I do not get rid of such a bad habit of following others, even though I knew it is bad. Put it short, I saw my neighbors bought a sort of robot vacuum, and he should show off it to me. I had no patient of bearing such shame, so I went to market and bought this robot vacuum. Of course, I did need this thing, and that would be my best reason.