The Potential Scope of A.I. and Home Security in the Future Lies in Robot Vacuum

There are many possibilities that A.I. offer for home security systems in the future. For example, the use of artificial intelligence could lead to the creation of smart homes capable of learning the habits, ways, and preferences of all the occupants of a building. While the appearance of the robot vacuum help family member have more time to do other things.

This technology could identify changes in movement, differences in height, and variable in the notation of peoples’ voices, immediately identifying strangers within a building. These technologies could automatically adjust their settings across various systems to accommodate both standard patterns and changes in behavior, moreover, it can be installed on the robot vacuums. As more intruder alarm systems become integrated with home automation devices, the security of our homes could become significantly improved. Current home automation systems rely heavily on pre-determined scenarios which must be set up by the user, following specific criteria. All changes to the settings for these systems must be entered manually by the designated system operator.

Eventually, A.I. software could monitor activity within our houses and activate processes when home occupants go outside of the property, leaving it unlocked. In addition, it can also help on other house affairs like the robot vacuum can clean our house. In these circumstances, if a family member should enter the house while the system is armed, the cameras could identify them immediately and choose not to sound the alarm, but to clean the house.

A.I. processes could also be used to predict false alarms across the world. This would be monitored by analyzing the circumstances that are prevalent in false alarm cases. Eventually, the A.I. could learn to predict the likelihood of a false alarm with near-accurate certainty, leading to reduced costs and fewer wasted resources for home security and police services. Intrusion systems integrated with cameras could also help protect our children against kidnappings. Cameras on the robot vacuum that monitor areas occupied by a child could sound an alarm upon the approach of a kidnapper, while also recording the image of the kidnapper and forwarding it directly to a monitoring center or the relevant police authorities. So, as a result, do not think that such a little robot vacuum is useless. On the contrary, it is far more useful on our family security. How do you think about this kind of robot vacuum?