If the Broom Will Quit Our House When There Is Robot Vacuum?

With the rapid development of our modern society, the smart robot vacuum begins to move into our house and take the place of the traditional broom. And some asks that whether the broom will thoroughly quit our house if the robot vacuum comes? Different people have different opinions. As far as I am concerned, the broom will never quit the house even though the robot could bear most of the housework like cleaning. And the follows are my reasons.

First and foremost, the robot vacuum is not almighty, and it cannot clean all the corners of your house like the chink of your wall, the place over your cabinet and so on. If there is water in your toilet, I believe it is not proper to let your expensive robot vacuum do that job. Not only because it is not cheap, but also the robot vacuum is driven by electricity, which means it may not waterproof. Even it does, it will affected with damp, and nobody will have the heart to bear such thing happening. So, we do need an ordinary broom at home to handle that situation.

Then, we should consider about the factor of the price. Even most families have been rich nowadays, that does not mean they can afford a robot vacuum. For example, an Apple phone is just less than 10,000 RMB, but most families will not buy it even their deposit has been far more than that, because they have to consider the other issues like wedding, buying house and buying cars. Most of them may have children, so they dare not to waste money on such objectives like Apple phone and robot vacuum. And that would be main reason that the broom will never quit our life and will be existing in our house for long time.

Last but not least, as long as we live in house, we will suffer such a situation that our house may lose power for now or for a long time. Right in this moment, what can we do with the electric robot vacuum? That is correct, we can do nothing but ask the broom for help. And to be honest, even in the future society, the power still will be the main force of our life. So we cannot lose power because we can do nothing without power but to find the broom which does not need any power.