How Distinguish the Difference Between Different Robot Vacuums?

There are all sorts of robot vacuums in the market. They are in different color and different shape, even have different functions. Since we all have known that the robot vacuums are so important, we have to buy one, but we do not know how to choose one type, then how? Here we are going to tell you the skill of distinguishing the difference between different robot vacuums.

One way to tell apart different robot vacuums is to judge from its shape and brand. For example, some brand is very famous that it is hard to make mistakes on product quality, so you can use it at any time. Also, you can select a kind of genre you preferred and take it home, and enjoy the convenience that high-tech brings you. In addition, you can also ask help for the people who have worked on robot vacuum technology for a very long time, for that his suggestion must be very useful.

Surely, there is another way to tell apart different robot vacuums. In order to distinguish the difference between different robot vacuums, the most important thing is its intelligence. Because like a robot vacuums, it has more walking routes. As basic as that, a slightly dumber product. It is a random rotation. If the product is like a more complex internal environment and a smaller family area, we can choose this machine or use it in a single room. It doesn’t have a memory, it just randomly does a cleaning. A little more, it’s a product with planning. The planned product is completely different from the previous one, which we call “fool machine”. This product, a planning machine, has a walk routine of special shape. This must be achieved. The special shape can maximize the cleaning efficiency of a machine. Another is memory, which we mentioned before is that random classes have no memory. Where it has been swept, it has its own memories. What if I miss a place? It will have a Trinity function. In addition to the special shape walking and memory routes, there will also be an intelligent leak-filling.

Thus, my dear friends, do you know how to distinguish the difference between different robot vacuums? If you still have any questions, you can go to the professional robot vacuums website for advice. All we do here is to help you buy a proper robot vacuums product and have a good experience of shopping.