Do you know how to choose a high-quality robot vacuum?

Choosing a robot vacuum is a technical job. It is even more difficult to choose a high-quality robot vacuum. If you can choose a good robot vacuum, you will get twice the result with half the effort; if you can’t choose a good robot vacuum, you will get twice the result with half the effort. So it’s important to choose a robot vacuum. But do you know how to choose a good robot vacuum? In general, the following points need to be noted:

First, whether or not the ability of avoiding obstacles is strong. Basically, all robot vacuums have the ability to avoid obstacles, even random robot vacuums, but the implementation method is different. Random robot vacuum generally adopts mechanical collision protection that is to install anti-collision bar in front of the robot vacuum, even if the robot and furniture contact, it will not cause damage to both. Apart from the anti-collision bars, high-end models also use sensors to detect the home environment, such as the dual detection system adopted by Pusannik 790T, three sets of anti-biological ultrasonic radar and 24 sets of infrared detection devices, which have better obstacle avoidance ability.

Second, whether or not there is fall-proof design. For ordinary families, fall-proof design is not very useful, but for families with duplex structure, the importance is self-evident. Many robot vacuums are equipped with induction probes at the bottom of the floor to detect the difference between the grounds and prevent the machine from falling. For example, Pusannik 790T, some models adopt the design of virtual wall, which can isolate the robot vacuum in a certain area. If a virtual wall is prevented at the stairway entrance, it can also prevent the machine from falling, such as iRobot 980.

Thirdly, whether or not there is APP control. As long as a few robot vacuums have the remote control function of APP, when we cannot find the remote control, we can control the robot vacuum through mobile phone APP, so the practicability is quite strong. Moreover, the functions of APP on mobile phone are quite comprehensive, such as reservation, direction control, etc. High-end models like Pusannik 790T can also achieve visual cleaning. For so many good characters, I believe you must have fell in love with the robot vacuum and want to buy one. However, it is important to choose a high quality robot vacuum and it is also difficult. With our suggestion and introduction, you will have a clear understanding for the robot vacuum now.

Advantages of Intelligent Household Appliances such as Robot vacuums

When it comes to the problem of intelligent household appliances, we have to talk about Haier, a famous old brand in China. The impression is that Haier only makes refrigerators and washing machines, but in fact, Haier has a complete set of smart home product line, covering almost all living space from the living room to the balcony, and even the whole house water intelligent control system. It can be said that what you need at home can be found in Haier’s product line. In addition, they are all Haier’s own products, which can solve the problem that too many brands of intelligent household appliances lead to fragmentation and cannot guarantee the consistency of after-sales service and product design style.

Moreover, the complete set of products also has a great advantage in active service. Imagine that when you exercise on the treadmill, the refrigerator will recommend you a reasonable dietary guide based on your exercise data, and you will make it through the voice request kitchen. So after your workout, how delightful it is to have a hot steak fresh out for you to enjoy. Or maybe you’re on the car going home, through the vehicle control application, let the home robot vacuum clean the room ahead of time, air conditioning adjust the temperature to the appropriate degree in advance, so when you get home, you’ll be greeted with a clean and refreshing space, which is simply no longer refreshing.

Specifically, Haier not only has its own fixed large-scale factory production, but also has many brands of original technology-based explosive products. And different products can communicate with each other. Taking the refrigerator as an example, by inputting the data of height, weight, age and so on, the users will automatically recommend healthy dietary plans and recipes. The recipes can also be connected to ovens, lampblack machines and disinfection cabinets to realize the functions of one-button baking, smoke stove linkage and automatic disinfection. In addition to the interaction in the kitchen, different spaces can also interact, such as someone knocking at the door, the display screen of the refrigerator can also be switched to the access control system to connect security.

Generally speaking, compared with the current smart appliances, Haier’s smart home plan not only has the advantages of one-stop package, multi-brand selection and excellent quality control, but also can be interconnected among different products. Active service can be said to be a real smart home. The brand of robot vacuum can draw close to this aspect in many ways.

Intelligent Household Appliance Robot Vacuum, Your Fashion Life

In recent years, with the development of AI, 5G and Internet of Things technology, smart home industry such as robot vacuum has ushered in a new spring in China. According to Erie data, China’s smart home market in 2017 is 325.47 billion yuan, accounting for 86.9% of smart home appliances, and the market is expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate of 21.4% in the next three years. In the smart home appliances market of 28.28 billion yuan in 2017, the market scale of smart refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines is 83.13 billion yuan, and that of smart audio-visual digital (smart TV, smart speakers and robot vacuums) is 147.26 billion yuan. In terms of growth rate, the performance of the smart home appliances industry is still good. Taking the smart refrigerator market as an example, Zhong Yi Kang monitoring data show that as of September 2018, the retail sales of smart refrigerators in China increased from 3.4% in 2015 to 28.1%, with an annual growth rate of 18.3%.

However, with the disappearance of the demographic dividend, China’s consumption of newly needed household appliances is entering a saturation period. In the current fierce market competition environment, in-depth analysis and understanding of user needs is an important way to build enterprise’s precise subdivision ability and realize competitive advantage. Young people, represented by the post-80s and post-90s generation, have higher demands on the quality of life at home. With the improvement of their income level, young people have taken over the right to speak in the purchase of household appliances, and they have gradually become the main force in the consumption of intelligent household appliances in China. So, what are the characteristics and trends of Chinese young people’s home life? What factors do they pay more attention to in the use of housing space and the purchase of household appliances? Where will it become the next growth point of the smart appliances industry?

In order to explore this problem, we have joined forces with Haier, the current smart family leading brand, to do a research. For more information, please read the Top Ten Nest Stream Users Survey Report of 2019. According to this report, we know that the demand for smart appliances such as robot vacuums among young people is still huge. Only by doing this well can your fashion life come true.

Some people may wonder what it is for the fashion life, and let’s take the robot vacuum as an example. With a robot vacuum at home, don’t you feel your life begin to enter a new period like the fashion period? It is because that a fashion life recently needs the participant of robot vacuum. It is not only a symbol of cool for most people, but a good helper who can assist you on all kinds of housework. Your hands are free from so many housework, while you soul is under great pleasure. And this could be a new definition of fashion life now.

The Potential Scope of A.I. and Home Security in the Future Lies in Robot Vacuum

There are many possibilities that A.I. offer for home security systems in the future. For example, the use of artificial intelligence could lead to the creation of smart homes capable of learning the habits, ways, and preferences of all the occupants of a building. While the appearance of the robot vacuum help family member have more time to do other things.

This technology could identify changes in movement, differences in height, and variable in the notation of peoples’ voices, immediately identifying strangers within a building. These technologies could automatically adjust their settings across various systems to accommodate both standard patterns and changes in behavior, moreover, it can be installed on the robot vacuums. As more intruder alarm systems become integrated with home automation devices, the security of our homes could become significantly improved. Current home automation systems rely heavily on pre-determined scenarios which must be set up by the user, following specific criteria. All changes to the settings for these systems must be entered manually by the designated system operator.

Eventually, A.I. software could monitor activity within our houses and activate processes when home occupants go outside of the property, leaving it unlocked. In addition, it can also help on other house affairs like the robot vacuum can clean our house. In these circumstances, if a family member should enter the house while the system is armed, the cameras could identify them immediately and choose not to sound the alarm, but to clean the house.

A.I. processes could also be used to predict false alarms across the world. This would be monitored by analyzing the circumstances that are prevalent in false alarm cases. Eventually, the A.I. could learn to predict the likelihood of a false alarm with near-accurate certainty, leading to reduced costs and fewer wasted resources for home security and police services. Intrusion systems integrated with cameras could also help protect our children against kidnappings. Cameras on the robot vacuum that monitor areas occupied by a child could sound an alarm upon the approach of a kidnapper, while also recording the image of the kidnapper and forwarding it directly to a monitoring center or the relevant police authorities. So, as a result, do not think that such a little robot vacuum is useless. On the contrary, it is far more useful on our family security. How do you think about this kind of robot vacuum?

Will Everything Be Fine If We Get A Robot Vacuum at Home?

To a certain degree, the robot vacuum seems an almighty household electric appliance which can help on everything if you are busy on something else like company extra work. Surely, this little stuff is so smart and able to solve most of your troubles at home and it seems everything will be fine with such a robot vacuum. But is it true?

According to the strictest letter of that term, you still need to do the following things after you set a robot vacuum at home: First and foremost, you have to check the room yourself every week. For one thing, check if the robot vacuum has done its job, if it does its job very well, and if there is any corners that the robot vacuum missed out by accident. If it happens, you’d better clean it up yourself, for that the hidden rubbish will ruin your house, rather than the rubbish obvious in home. For another thing, check if there is any damage on your other household electric appliance caused by the robot vacuum. It is not that we doubt the work ability of the robot vacuum, but test whether or not there is any procedure fault happening in it and cause any unpredictable loss to ourselves. Of course, if everything is OK after we check, it can prove this robot vacuum is reliable and you can set your mind at rest.

In addition, we still have to check the body of the robot vacuum every week or every month, for that even the robot vacuum is a smart helper, it can only help to clean the room and have no ability of protecting itself. So, what we should do is to check regularly if it is bit by mouse or any other animals and pets. Maybe it is plastic or metallic material for its body and the animals cannot break it, but we still have to take attention that the animals like mouse may leave their slaver or body fluid on the robot vacuum, which may carry the bacteria even the viruses. And it will be a potential threat for children at home, which should be alerted by us.

Moreover, the robot vacuum is a household electric appliance after all, so it needs charging regularly. If you just leave it at home and forget its existence, then it will be stay at some corner and lose its vitality forever.