The Potential Scope of A.I. and Home Security in the Future Lies in Robot Vacuum

There are many possibilities that A.I. offer for home security systems in the future. For example, the use of artificial intelligence could lead to the creation of smart homes capable of learning the habits, ways, and preferences of all the occupants of a building. While the appearance of the robot vacuum help family member have more time to do other things.

This technology could identify changes in movement, differences in height, and variable in the notation of peoples’ voices, immediately identifying strangers within a building. These technologies could automatically adjust their settings across various systems to accommodate both standard patterns and changes in behavior, moreover, it can be installed on the robot vacuums. As more intruder alarm systems become integrated with home automation devices, the security of our homes could become significantly improved. Current home automation systems rely heavily on pre-determined scenarios which must be set up by the user, following specific criteria. All changes to the settings for these systems must be entered manually by the designated system operator.

Eventually, A.I. software could monitor activity within our houses and activate processes when home occupants go outside of the property, leaving it unlocked. In addition, it can also help on other house affairs like the robot vacuum can clean our house. In these circumstances, if a family member should enter the house while the system is armed, the cameras could identify them immediately and choose not to sound the alarm, but to clean the house.

A.I. processes could also be used to predict false alarms across the world. This would be monitored by analyzing the circumstances that are prevalent in false alarm cases. Eventually, the A.I. could learn to predict the likelihood of a false alarm with near-accurate certainty, leading to reduced costs and fewer wasted resources for home security and police services. Intrusion systems integrated with cameras could also help protect our children against kidnappings. Cameras on the robot vacuum that monitor areas occupied by a child could sound an alarm upon the approach of a kidnapper, while also recording the image of the kidnapper and forwarding it directly to a monitoring center or the relevant police authorities. So, as a result, do not think that such a little robot vacuum is useless. On the contrary, it is far more useful on our family security. How do you think about this kind of robot vacuum?

Will Everything Be Fine If We Get A Robot Vacuum at Home?

To a certain degree, the robot vacuum seems an almighty household electric appliance which can help on everything if you are busy on something else like company extra work. Surely, this little stuff is so smart and able to solve most of your troubles at home and it seems everything will be fine with such a robot vacuum. But is it true?

According to the strictest letter of that term, you still need to do the following things after you set a robot vacuum at home: First and foremost, you have to check the room yourself every week. For one thing, check if the robot vacuum has done its job, if it does its job very well, and if there is any corners that the robot vacuum missed out by accident. If it happens, you’d better clean it up yourself, for that the hidden rubbish will ruin your house, rather than the rubbish obvious in home. For another thing, check if there is any damage on your other household electric appliance caused by the robot vacuum. It is not that we doubt the work ability of the robot vacuum, but test whether or not there is any procedure fault happening in it and cause any unpredictable loss to ourselves. Of course, if everything is OK after we check, it can prove this robot vacuum is reliable and you can set your mind at rest.

In addition, we still have to check the body of the robot vacuum every week or every month, for that even the robot vacuum is a smart helper, it can only help to clean the room and have no ability of protecting itself. So, what we should do is to check regularly if it is bit by mouse or any other animals and pets. Maybe it is plastic or metallic material for its body and the animals cannot break it, but we still have to take attention that the animals like mouse may leave their slaver or body fluid on the robot vacuum, which may carry the bacteria even the viruses. And it will be a potential threat for children at home, which should be alerted by us.

Moreover, the robot vacuum is a household electric appliance after all, so it needs charging regularly. If you just leave it at home and forget its existence, then it will be stay at some corner and lose its vitality forever.

If the Broom Will Quit Our House When There Is Robot Vacuum?

With the rapid development of our modern society, the smart robot vacuum begins to move into our house and take the place of the traditional broom. And some asks that whether the broom will thoroughly quit our house if the robot vacuum comes? Different people have different opinions. As far as I am concerned, the broom will never quit the house even though the robot could bear most of the housework like cleaning. And the follows are my reasons.

First and foremost, the robot vacuum is not almighty, and it cannot clean all the corners of your house like the chink of your wall, the place over your cabinet and so on. If there is water in your toilet, I believe it is not proper to let your expensive robot vacuum do that job. Not only because it is not cheap, but also the robot vacuum is driven by electricity, which means it may not waterproof. Even it does, it will affected with damp, and nobody will have the heart to bear such thing happening. So, we do need an ordinary broom at home to handle that situation.

Then, we should consider about the factor of the price. Even most families have been rich nowadays, that does not mean they can afford a robot vacuum. For example, an Apple phone is just less than 10,000 RMB, but most families will not buy it even their deposit has been far more than that, because they have to consider the other issues like wedding, buying house and buying cars. Most of them may have children, so they dare not to waste money on such objectives like Apple phone and robot vacuum. And that would be main reason that the broom will never quit our life and will be existing in our house for long time.

Last but not least, as long as we live in house, we will suffer such a situation that our house may lose power for now or for a long time. Right in this moment, what can we do with the electric robot vacuum? That is correct, we can do nothing but ask the broom for help. And to be honest, even in the future society, the power still will be the main force of our life. So we cannot lose power because we can do nothing without power but to find the broom which does not need any power.

Why I Bought a Robot Vacuum at Home

Last week, I bought a robot vacuum at home. However, right in the moment I moved the robot vacuum to my house, I ran into an old friend who later asked me why I bought this little machine. At first I was going to refuse to answer such stupid and meaningless question, but I realized that I has nothing to do after going, so I decided to stay at roadside and explained to him the reason I bought the robot vacuum. He showed a great interest and took me to sit down at a seat located in a public park.

Frankly speaking, I really had no idea where should I start to explain to him for that I was not very good at such things. However, after thinking of few minutes, I organized my words and began my show time. Actually, my showing could be divided into the several parts as follows.

First, I believed the robot vacuum is so convenient. Because not just me, but also my wife was always busy in work and extra work, we really had no time to deal with the house which had been trapped in a mess. So in the name of my wife, I asked the robot vacuum to live in my home for a long time. Thus, we could save a lot of time when going home and enjoy our after-work life together. Second, it is very cheap. Of course, when you see its price only, you will find the price is not very low. But why I said it is cheap? It is because we judge the value of an object is not on its price, but whether or not it is deserving. And we think it is deserving, so we think it is not expensive.

Last but not at least, the reason I bought this robot vacuums is just out of a kind of psychology. That is, most Chinese people had a psychology of following others. So do I. I do not get rid of such a bad habit of following others, even though I knew it is bad. Put it short, I saw my neighbors bought a sort of robot vacuum, and he should show off it to me. I had no patient of bearing such shame, so I went to market and bought this robot vacuum. Of course, I did need this thing, and that would be my best reason.

How Distinguish the Difference Between Different Robot Vacuums?

There are all sorts of robot vacuums in the market. They are in different color and different shape, even have different functions. Since we all have known that the robot vacuums are so important, we have to buy one, but we do not know how to choose one type, then how? Here we are going to tell you the skill of distinguishing the difference between different robot vacuums.

One way to tell apart different robot vacuums is to judge from its shape and brand. For example, some brand is very famous that it is hard to make mistakes on product quality, so you can use it at any time. Also, you can select a kind of genre you preferred and take it home, and enjoy the convenience that high-tech brings you. In addition, you can also ask help for the people who have worked on robot vacuum technology for a very long time, for that his suggestion must be very useful.

Surely, there is another way to tell apart different robot vacuums. In order to distinguish the difference between different robot vacuums, the most important thing is its intelligence. Because like a robot vacuums, it has more walking routes. As basic as that, a slightly dumber product. It is a random rotation. If the product is like a more complex internal environment and a smaller family area, we can choose this machine or use it in a single room. It doesn’t have a memory, it just randomly does a cleaning. A little more, it’s a product with planning. The planned product is completely different from the previous one, which we call “fool machine”. This product, a planning machine, has a walk routine of special shape. This must be achieved. The special shape can maximize the cleaning efficiency of a machine. Another is memory, which we mentioned before is that random classes have no memory. Where it has been swept, it has its own memories. What if I miss a place? It will have a Trinity function. In addition to the special shape walking and memory routes, there will also be an intelligent leak-filling.

Thus, my dear friends, do you know how to distinguish the difference between different robot vacuums? If you still have any questions, you can go to the professional robot vacuums website for advice. All we do here is to help you buy a proper robot vacuums product and have a good experience of shopping.